Lindel- May 2021

Benita is a gifted and natural Reiki practitioner and I highly recommend her. I\’ve had treatments with others over the years but I\’ve never had such profound energy experiences as I have with Benita; from her hot hot hands pouring out energy, to thinking she is still holding me yet hearing her moving across the room, to incredible energy outcomes after the treatment that linger for days. I love her calm, confident approach and the fact that she is streets ahead of others as she has already spent years working on herself and clearing any blockages – something she continues to practice daily but on a higher level now due to her healing treatment preparation – and is therefore a conduit for Universal energy that is clear, unfettered and powerful. Practice makes perfect and she\’s perfected this. I would love a session with Benita every day to start the day and every day to end it. Highly recommended!